Safe Harbor - Hope White

This inspirational novel explores how faith can renew confidence after a traumatic experience, giving hope that a normal life is earned once you've forgiven yourself.

Rated 3.5 Stars, review courtesy of the TBR Mountain Range.

Nicole Harris has recurring episodes of fear related to her father's abuse of her and her two siblings. When her boss is threatened and consequently murdered, it's not unexpected that her repressed fear forces her into a closet, acting on impulse. It's what saves her life this time but she's in danger as the only witness to a crime. Nicole didn't see the killer but is sure she can recognize his voice, if she's brave enough to fight her demons of past and present.

Alex Donovan is a good detective but meeting Nicole Harris makes him think of more than protection and crime solving. Alex hopes that he can protect Nicole from whoever killed her boss because Alex is much more attracted to her than he should be which inevitably means his attention will be divided. When the FBI threatens to take over the case as well as take Nicole into protective custody, Alex does everything he can to keep Nicole within his jurisdiction. But will his efforts be enough when the killer seems determined to remove all evidence of his crime?

Nicole's childhood abuse added an interesting twist to how she reacted as a murder witness. Her reflexes to hide from a threat put her in a closet when she could have been killed right along with her boss. Alex helps Nicole gain confidence by teaching her how to defend herself, but does that give her too much confidence? As Nicole becomes more determined to help Alex track down the killer, will she put herself in harm's way?

Even though Alex wants to help Nicole, he can't stop his past from interfering with his focus. He still blames himself for a tragedy in his past and that may be too much for either of them to overcome.

Although SAFE HARBOR is labeled inspirational suspense, it's not overly religious. Instead, the story centers on the suspense and the growing attraction between the characters, while they gain confidence with their renewal of faith as the catalyst to their strength. SAFE HARBOR will satisfy those who prefer a sweet romance.

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